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URPG is an open-world collaborative multiplayer game. After creating a character from one of nine distinct races, you'll spawn in their home city and decide on what they should do. Characters usually focus on either Society or Adventure.


  • Crafting: blacksmithing, tailoring, cooking, alchemy
  • Utility: repairs, butchering animals and monsters
  • Gather: ingredients, herbs, mining
  • Generally stay in one settlement and start families


  • Delve into mines and dungeons for loot
  • Bring back loot to aid in crafting
  • Spend their surface time training
  • Explore the open world with more confidence

Characters are free to skill-up however they like, of course! It is handy for an adventurer to be good at mining, for example. Sometimes a generalist is preferred in smaller settlements.

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Coming in Open Beta



Roleplay invokes the world's greatest storytelling engine: your imagination. Design your character, decide their motivations, and engage with other players to create unique stories. The more involved you are, the more memorable and rewarding your experience will be.

Player stories are bolstered by permanent, authored content written by the developers. Every location hints at a greater world lore. When characters receive magic, it's a call to adventure and explore to develop it.

Composite Crafting System

In some games, crafting can feel like a chore. In URPG, we made sure crafting is fun and engaging.

Our composite crafting system means any item can be created from multiple valid materials. For example, a sword may be crafted from many different types of wood, metal, stone or even bone. Its resulting weight and damage are based on items used to make it.

Nearly every item in the game is customizable, too: you could name that sword and write a detailed description for it. Or tell your town blacksmith what you'd like out of a weapon or armor, and they'll design it custom for you.

Dynamic Open World

Outside of home cities, players are able to build their own player-run settlements. URPG offers a legal system to help run these settlements.

Write With Confidence

Whenever you submit prose into the system, be it roleplay or through custom item creation, a record of it is permanently saved in your Content Book. URPG is a great game to improve your writing skill!

Through our Inbox feature, we make sure you never miss any roleplay you're involved in, and the Inbox helps keep you from having to scroll your feed just to keep up with the ongoing story.

Living Ambience

We offer sound and ambience to listen to while playing. URPG will play ambient soundscapes relevant to where your character is in the world. If you're exploring a forest, you'll hear the sound of wind through the trees. If it's raining, you'll hear the sound of rain in the forest. It's not uncommon for players to leave the game open just to enjoy the looping ambient soundtrack. :)

After the game's release, we'll start work on living ambience, playing sounds that are relevant to what's happening where you are. Hear the blacksmith's hammer hit the anvil, hear the growling of the beast lurking right around the corner in the mines below.

Immersive Racial Features

When you choose a race for your character, it doesn't just bring a unique feel to your own experience through abilities and other mechanics. You'll spawn in your home city, designed with your race in mind. The Infernals prefer to construct with bone and metal; the Golems simpler and larger structures. Lore is hidden in their constructions. You'll want to play each race at least once!


How old do I have to be to play?

You must be 13 or older to play, but the recommended age is 16. URPG allows for participation in adult content for anyone who is 18 or older. See the Adult Content section for details.

Do I have to roleplay my character?

While a character is best enjoyed when actively roleplayed, we understand there are a variety of reasons you may choose to not roleplay. We simply ask that if you do communicate, it is done in-character. We provide a Speech tab to help with this, as well as a description generator so you don't have to write your own.

Can my character die?

Characters will eventually die of old age, which can take about a year, depending on your race and diet. Death may come in the mines or dungeons if you aren't prepared. Other players can attack you as well, but it is more difficult to permanently kill another player than a monster.

Will everyone know which characters I play?

We take privacy and anonymity very seriously. All multiplayer communication is per-character, not per-player. The only way people will know who plays your characters is if you tell them. This goes for staff as well. We offer OOC messaging on a character-to-character basis.

What happens to my character while I am logged off?

They'll continue working on whatever project you set them to. Their health will recover, they'll get a little hungrier, and they'll get older. Their Free Time will also regenerate.

Is URPG pay-to-win?

Never! We offer an affordable subscription service ($3-4/mo) that adds some features to your experience, and helps fund development and server costs of the game. No advantages are given to your characters over others with this service.

Who owns what I write?

Tinydark Studio, LLC shares joint ownership with any prose you submit into the system. You're welcome to use the content you write elsewhere, even in other games. For more details, see here.

Why should I verify my email?

Email verification is a small show of trust for your account. A verified email is required for anything that directly impacts other players: attacking or using abilities on them, picking up and dropping items on the ground, and mating are some examples. As per our privacy policy, we won't email unless you opt-in, even if you verify your email.

Is there adult/18+ content in URPG?

Adult content may be produced by players, but the game itself is rated for ages 13+. All adult content is hidden behind an account-wide 18+ setting. This setting will signal to others whether or not you will allow explicit sexual interactions with your characters, and it also controls your ability to create, view, and interact with 18+ items in the game. This setting is automatically set to off for characters who are under 18.